Arezzo is an extraordinarily old city, oldest of Alexandria in Egypt. Few other regions in Italy can offer a natural environment and cultural heritage so vast in such a small area. The paintings of Piero della Francesca in the Cathedral are worth a visit in the city. Also the heart of medieval center chronicles the great seasons of art and architecture Arezzo. Alongside the medieval towers, stand the imposing Vasari Loggia, the Palace of the Lay Fraternity, synthesis of Gothic and Renaissance architecture and the apse of the church of Santa Maria. In the Basilica of San Domenico is restored the Crucifix by Cimabue, an early work by the artist. Many other churches and palaces with their beauty and their stylistic originality helped create the Arezzo civilization and its importance in different historical periods. On the second Saturday of June and the first Sunday of September, Piazza Grande becomes the scene of the Giostra of Saracino, dating back to medieval jousting tournaments. On the first weekend of the month in the same square and most of the historic center, there is the FIERA ANTIQUARIA - antique dealers and a must-visit for the curious who come from all over Italy .

How to get there:
By car: 30 minutes
By train: from Montevarchi/Terranuova Bracciolini station 20 minutes