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One step away from the most beautiful Tuscany

There are infinite ways to experience Tuscany, from Mulino Morandi. Leave the relax of your room for a moment and treat yourself to an adventure full of beauty.

Mulino Morandi is located one hour from the most beautiful cities in Tuscany: the magnificent Florence, Lucca and its majestic walls, Arezzo city of gold, fashion and art, Siena and its exciting Palio.

Loro Ciuffenna

True pearl of Tuscany, with its medieval architecture and picturesque atmosphere, it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Founded on the threshold of the second millennium at the confluence of two streams, it is located a short distance from the ancient Via Cassia, one of the Roman roads that crossed the Italian peninsula.

  • 6 km from Mulino Morandi

Le Balze

A few minutes from Mulino Morandi it is possible to admire a unique landscape: rain, wind and the action of man have shaped the land into curious and fascinating shapes, with peaks up to a hundred meters high alternating with deep gorges.

  • 13 km from Mulino Morandi


History, culture, iconic views… There’s not a corner of Florence that is not worth a visit: from the Lungarni to the museums, from a thousand churches to the most fashionable shops, from the typical bistecca alla fiorentina to the hills around the city, each destination will leave you speechless!

  • 60 km from Mulino Morandi



A medieval pearl enclosed by impressive and perfectly preserved walls, where you can enjoy a pleasant walk, at any time of the year. Visit Lucca for its dozens of churches full of art and curiosities, be amazed by the ancient Piazza Anfiteatro or take part in the international events that take place every year.

  • 130 km from Mulino Morandi


The city of Petrarca and Piero della Francesca is a cradle of culture, beauty and history. To visit for its architecture but also for the events hosted in the historic center, such as the Antiques Fair and the Giostra del Saracino.

  • 30 km from Mulino Morandi



A world famous square, which twice a year hosts the most overwhelming horse race: Siena and its Palio are destinations not to be missed. Breathe the atmosphere of the most authentic Middle Ages, taste the typical products and visit museums, monuments and stunning corners.

  • 60 km from Mulino Morandi

Millennial nature and enchanted places

Reach the millenary woods of the Casentino in less than an hour, find out enchanted places where nature, culture and faith meet.



Founded in 1012, the Camaldoli Monastery is still inhabited by Benedictine monks, who take care of the structure and welcome visitors in search of peace and spirituality.

  • 50 km from Mulino Morandi


Don’t miss the splendid medieval village and the Conti Guidi Castle, with its unmistakable silhouette that stands out over the valley and the frescoes by Taddeo Gaddi, a pupil of Giotto.

  • 40 km from Mulino Morandi


Chiusi della Verna

Surrounded by a monumental forest of beech and fir trees, the Sanctuary of La Verna is an oasis of peace in the heart of the Tuscan Apennines. A short distance away, the Fairy Forest encloses majestic trees and enchanting paths, where pilgrims, wayfarers and legendary creatures have walked for centuries.

  • 50 km from Mulino Morandi

Luxury shopping

Treat yourself to an exclusive shopping experience: less than 40 km far from Mulino Morandi there is The Mall Luxury Outlets, the luxury shopping center that combines fashion and beauty within the Tuscan countryside.

Choose from the most prestigious brands in international fashion, visit the boutiques of the most famous brands, try the restaurant or bistro for a unique culinary journey.

  • 30 km from Mulino Morandi

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